Commit 380799c7 authored by Maximilian Schanner's avatar Maximilian Schanner
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Fixed an issue with subfolders.

parent 7a2eed35
......@@ -7,10 +7,10 @@ lat = 52.24
lon = 13.4
# test the command line tool"pymagglobal master {lat} {lon} --every 5 -o test/potsdam.test""pymagglobal master {lat} {lon} --every 5 -o potsdam.test"
f" --no-show CALS10k.2", shell=True)
# import the results
new = np.genfromtxt('test/potsdam.test', delimiter=',').T
new = np.genfromtxt('potsdam.test', delimiter=',').T
# generate the same results using the package
splines = pymagglobal.file2splines(pymagglobal.models['CALS10k.2'])
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