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# pymagglobal
**python interface for global geomagnetic field models**
......@@ -58,39 +56,45 @@ pymagglobal is built and installed using [conda](
1. Download and install [Miniconda]( for Python 3
By default, the installation directory `<conda>` is `~/miniconda3/`.
If you let conda modify your `bash.rc`, `<conda>/bin/conda` may be replaced by
If you do not allow conda to modify your `bash.rc`, `conda` has to be replaced by `<conda>/bin/conda`. This may cause `` to fail.
You may want to create a fresh environment for pymagglobal. This is done using
$ <conda>/bin/conda create --name Your_Environment
$ conda create --name Your_Environment
followed by
$ <conda>/bin/conda activate Your_Environment
$ conda activate Your_Environment
Careful: With tcshell, you have to use activate.csh.
2. Install `conda-build`
$ <conda>/bin/conda install conda-build
$ conda install conda-build
With `conda-build` installed, you may go to `<pymagglobal>` and run
$ bash
which will do the next steps for you. If `` fails or you want to do the steps by hand:
3. Build [FieldTools]
This step will make the pyfield library available via the local conda channel.
Navigate to `<pymagglobal>` and build [FieldTools]
$ <conda>/bin/conda build FieldTools
$ conda build FieldTools
4. Build pymagglobal
Navigate to `../<pymagglobal>` and build pymagglobal
Navigate to `<pymagglobal>` and build pymagglobal
$ <conda>/bin/conda build pymagglobal
$ conda build ./
5. Install pymagglobal
$ <conda>/bin/conda install pymagglobal -c local
$ conda install pymagglobal -c local
This will make `pymagglobal` available as a python package, i.e. you can use
......@@ -101,12 +105,6 @@ pymagglobal is built and installed using [conda](
$ pymagglobal --help
With `conda-build` installed, you may also go to `<pymagglobal>` and run
$ bash
which will simply do steps 3-5 for you.
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