Enhance ACwater output

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This adds some additional layers computed in POLYMER AC to the output of EnPT.

Tasks to be done:

  • add additional parameters to the EnPT frontend to activate/deactivate the additional layers
  • pass the new config parameters through to the atmospheric correction submodule
  • include new parameters in the call of ACwater
  • add additional output layers of ACwater to the EnPT-internal data model
  • adapt EnPT output writer to include the new output layers
  • write a software test that covers the new optional parameters (some include it here)
  • update the documentation and include the new ACwater output layers there (algorithm_descriptions.rst, probably about.rst, README.rst and maybe also something in tutorial.rst)
  • test and validate the outputs
  • add a version pinning for ACwater to avoid EnPT calls an old version of ACwater which does not implement the new layers yet (installation.rst)
  • add @leonardo.alvarado in AUTHORS.rst and setup.py and make sure the existing ICLA/CCLA covers him
  • update HISTORY.rst
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