Feature/separate ac land water

Daniel Scheffler requested to merge feature/separate_ac_land_water into master

This adds a separate atmospheric correction for water surfaces based on POLYMER.

Tasks to be solved before we can merge:

  • fix test_styles CI job (run make lint in the root dir of EnPT locally and check the logs)
  • implement acwater as optional requirement, i.e., auto-disable it if acwater + POLYMER is not installed
  • redirect water EnMAP pixels to acwater and land pixels to SICOR IF acwater + POLYMER is installed
  • combine atmospherically corrected results after running acwater and SICOR
  • evaluate range of output in combined mode
  • add all needed configuration parameter for acwater to config.py, options_default.json, options_schema.py
  • update the EnPT console argument parser (enpt_cli.py) with the now parameters needed for acwater
  • add documentation regarding acwater in installation.rst, algorithm_descriptions.rst, about.rst, README.rst and maybe also something in tutorial.rst
  • add @brenner.silva_at_awi.de in AUTHORS.rst as soon as ICLA/CCLA is signed
  • resolve all tasks and discussions in #47 (closed)
  • include acwater and POLYMER in the CI runner to make automated software tests work
  • provide software tests that cover acwater
  • validate EnPT L2A results over water areas

Closes #47 (closed).

@brenner.silva_at_awi.de @nbohn:
Lets develop this further in this merge request. Simply continue pushing to feature/separate_ac_land_water and check the above boxes as soon as these tasks are done.

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