Implements a more complete set of magnitude scaling relations

The construction of the rupture planes needed for the shakemap requires a magnitude scaling relation that calculates the expected finite dimensions of the rupture from the earthquake magnitude and related rupture properties. This MR removes the previous placeholder DummyScalingRelation and transfers its functionality to a more complete set of magnitude scaling relations including:

  1. PEERScalingRelation: an idealised scaling relation adopted by the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center (previously this relation was coded within the DummyScalingRelation)
  2. StrasserEtAl2010Interface and StrasserEtAl2010Inslab: Relations for subduction environments by Strasser et al. (2010) (
  3. Stafford2014: A "hazard-consistent" scaling relation created by Peter Stafford (

An additional validation for correct scaling relation inputs is added to the shakyground2.valid module.

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