fixes issue#27

Johannes Knoch requested to merge issue#27 into master


To achive the goal to fix #27 (closed) it was necessary to change the code in line 512 of outer_procedure.r as follows

raster::KML(kml, paste(outPath, paste("step_", ni, sep = ""), sep = ""), overwrite = overwrite, zip = FALSE)

to no longer generate kmz files, but the "unzipped" version consisting of a kml and a png.

After this change it is now possible to check for the png files in plot_results.r.

I didnt found a good solution to unzip or "look into" the kmz files to check for png or kml files. So now the plot_results() can be used with the demo and new produced data. That's why I used this adjustment.


outer_procedure.r and plot_results.r now only check for tif files which begin with "step_".

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