New feature: export full GDE model as HDF5 files

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This new feature makes GDE tiles (in the form of HDF5 files) a proper output of the GDE code. Up to this point the only output stored as such were the visual CSV files (by cell and admin unit) created to be visualised in QGIS and the OpenQuake input files that can be used to run damage/risk calculations.

The figure below illustrates the structure of each of the HDF5 files. The different colours make reference to the specific functions that fill in a particular part of the file, as per the legend in the bottom right corner. Notes in colour with the legend "if did not exist" imply that the particular sub-group/data array/attribute may be created by more than one of the functions, depending on the actual content of the cell (whether there are OBM buildings or not, whether the cell belongs to more than one administrative unit and SERA/OBM buildings are in some but not all units, etc).


Notes to the figure:

N1: Functions called from > retrieve_OBM_buildings_in_cell_from_hdf5()

N2: Functions called from

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