Expanded rows to add construction_material_id in HouseholdData

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This MR does the following:

  1. Expands the HouseholdData table for total, wooden and non wooden construction_material_ids.
  2. Copies the similar values for number_household, number_household_members in these additional rows otherwise in the remaining columns it keeps the values as 0. for e.g.:
construction_material_id number_dwelling number_household number_household_members
0 2416700 2433500 5130900
1 0 2433500 5130900
4 0 2433500 5130900

I tried keeping the rows (for number_dwelling, etc) empty but it doesn't satisfy the constraint for the column number_dwelling and others to be integer or float (if you have any other suggestions please do tell me).

The reason for expanding the HouseholdData table for construction material total, wooden and non wooden are as follows:

  1. The HouseholdData from the census doesn't include this expansion (wooden and non wooden).
  2. Since there is a number_dwelling present in the HouseholdData table, this expansion is simpler. It would be done in the codes later by calculating the proportions of dwellings for wooden and non wooden construction and using these proportions to find the wooden and non wooden households.

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