Please cite this release as:

Lendl, Christof (2021), GIPPtools, Version 2021.168, doi:10.5281/zenodo.4972595

Changes since the previous GIPPtools 2020.352 release:


    • The GIPPtools now require at least Java 8 or newer!

      This change became necessary as it becomes increasingly difficult to generate and test Java class/jar files on up-to-date computers while still maintaining backward compatible back to Java Release 5!

      Java 8 was first released in March 2014, more than seven years ago. You should already have a suitable Java on your computer. Otherwise, it is about time for an update!

  • Fixed:

    • Softening the check for corrupted Cube files.

      The algorithm, as introduced with the previous GIPPtools 2020.352 release, was too inflexible. It caused many false alarms, especially when the satellite reception during recording was not optimal.

  • Added:

    • Support Cubes with build-in u-Blox GNSS receiver.

      This is necessary to support future Cube hardware.

  • Changed:

    • Updated the (internal) leap seconds list. The new list will expire December 28, 2021.

For more information see the ReleaseHistory.adoc file in the project source.