Please cite this release as:

Lendl, Christof (2020), GIPPtools, Version 2020.352, doi:10.5281/zenodo.4707612

Changes since the previous GIPPtools 2020.161 release:

  • Fixed:

    • All Cube conversion tools will ensure that the time in a recording "flows in the right direction"!

      This additional check was inspired by a corrupt Cube file read from a failing drive. It contained fragments of an earlier recording inside a file recorded at a later time. Converting the data to miniSEED resulted in rather misleading error messages and other "surprising" results when 'cube2mseed' encountered the unprecedented jump back in time.

    • The --include-pattern=GIPP filename filter now accepts month numbers larger than '12'!

      There is a new option in the Cube firmware for very long running recordings (> 1 year) that forces a strict increment of the month number in the filename for each consecutive month. If used in a recording that starts in December then all January filenames would start with '13', February files would begin with '14', and so on.

    • Corrected the handling of very rare Cube "system event" blocks containing more than two bytes of information.

  • Added:

    • Automatically add a blockette #1001 to the miniSEED record if necessary.

      This will improve the precision in situations where the exact recording time contains repeating decimal numbers (e.g. 14:20:09.333333...; with an infinite number of "threes" in the fractional second part).

  • Changed:

    • Updated the (internal) leap seconds list. The new list will expire June 28, 2021.

For more information see the ReleaseHistory.adoc file in the project source.