Commit 8efb32c0 authored by Marco De Lucia's avatar Marco De Lucia
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fixed TrainMultiple names

parent 965132d3
......@@ -28,11 +28,13 @@ Train(c("PolyMARS", "glmStepAIC", "MARS"),
a <- SelectedSurrogate(des)
SelectedMethods <- GetModelNames(model_list)
names(SelectedMethods) <- colnames(res)
for (i in colnames(des)) {
plot(res[,..i][[1]], a[,i],"p",pch=3, main=i,
plot(res[,..i][[1]], a[,i],"p",pch=3, main=paste(i,SelectedMethods[i], sep=", "),
xlab="Full physics", ylab="Surrogate")
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