Revision/revise coord trafo

Merged Daniel Scheffler requested to merge revision/revise_coord_trafo into master
  • Fixed issue of remaining coverage artifacts after running 'make clean-test.
  • Revised This fixes an issue that caused pixelToLatLon() to return Lon/Lat instead of Lat/Lon.
  • Fixed mapXY2imXY() and imXY2mapXY().
  • Added Test_mapXY2imXY(), Test_imXY2mapXY(), Test_pixelToLatLon(), Test_latLonToPixel().
  • Removed GDAL dataset input parameters from some functions.
  • Revised code style and some docstrings. Added some typehints.
  • Bugfix for always raising a RuntimeWarning in fill_holes_within_poly().

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