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Implemented changes from the current branch of geoarray (feature/improve_metadata_handling).

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......@@ -430,34 +430,15 @@ class COREG(object):
if not self.q:
print("Equalizing pixel grids and projections of reference and target image...")
# noinspection PyProtectedMember
def apply_subset_bandnames_metadata(geoArr_cr):
# TODO: replace that function with geoArr.get_subset(zslice=slice(band4match, band4match+1))
# TODO: as soon as all metadata are passed through get_subset()
zslice = slice(geoArr_cr.band4match, geoArr_cr.band4match+1)
if geoArr_cr._bandnames:
geoArr_cr.bandnames = list(np.array(list(geoArr_cr._bandnames))[zslice])
if geoArr_cr._metadata is not None:
geoArr_cr.metadata = \
return geoArr_cr
if self.grid2use == 'ref':
# resample target image to reference image
self.shift.arr = self.shift[:, :, self.shift.band4match] # resample the needed band only
self.shift = apply_subset_bandnames_metadata(self.shift)
self.shift.get_subset(zslice=slice(self.shift.band4match, self.shift.band4match + 1))
self.shift.reproject_to_new_grid(prototype=self.ref, CPUs=self.CPUs)
self.shift.band4match = 0 # after resampling there is only one band in the GeoArray
# resample reference image to target image
# FIXME in case of different projections this will change the projection of the reference image!
self.ref.arr = self.ref[:, :, self.ref.band4match] # resample the needed band only
self.ref = apply_subset_bandnames_metadata(self.ref)
self.ref.get_subset(zslice=slice(self.ref.band4match, self.ref.band4match + 1))
self.ref.reproject_to_new_grid(prototype=self.shift, CPUs=self.CPUs)
self.ref.band4match = 0 # after resampling there is only one band in the GeoArray
......@@ -608,7 +589,6 @@ class COREG(object):
def _get_opt_winpos_winsize(self):
# type: (tuple,tuple) -> None
Calculates optimal window position and size in reference image units according to DGM, cloud_mask and
......@@ -318,7 +318,7 @@ class COREG_LOCAL(object):
def CoRegPoints_table(self):
"""Returns a GeoDataFrame with the columns 'geometry','POINT_ID','X_IM','Y_IM','X_UTM','Y_UTM','X_WIN_SIZE',
'Y_WIN_SIZE','X_SHIFT_PX','Y_SHIFT_PX', 'X_SHIFT_M', 'Y_SHIFT_M', 'ABS_SHIFT' and 'ANGLE' containing all
information containing all the results frm coregistration for all points in the tie point grid.
information containing all the results from coregistration for all points in the tie point grid.
return self.tiepoint_grid.CoRegPoints_table
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