Analysis and GUI Update

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Changes to user interface

  • Simplified checkboxes
  • Added icons (coming from matplotlib)
  • Switched to ttk widgets
  • Some widgets respond to selections
  • Widgets now have tooltips (source)

Changes to VST analysis

  • Fitting the data now uses a subset for each velocity step. For each velocity step a number of percentiles ranging from 5 to 95% is calculated. The amount of percentiles is set in the options (default=20).
  • 'Stick-Slip Detection' is an optional method to prevent problems coming from strong stick slip while measuring a VST test. Using the new parameter 'peak_prominence' and 'scipy.signal.find_peaks' peaks and troughs are searched in the dataset. Then we fit the mean value of apparent friction between a peak and trough. Solution by E. Kosari.

Changes to RST analysis

  • Now manual picking also happens on the filtered dataset.

Issues resolved

#6 (closed), #7 (closed), #8 (closed), #9 (closed)

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