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A technical note on how the data was produced is currently under preparation.
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A technical note on how the data was produced is currently under preparation.
## How the data was produced
### 1. Data Collection
Open-source Sentinel-2 data is available for download on the [Scientific Data Hub]( Products consist of a 290 km image divided into 100 km granules in UTM/WGS84 projection. The product name includes sensing and creation date, as well as the relative orbit number of the image.
Following image corresponds to the division into granules of the product **S2A_OPER_PRD_MSIL1C_PDMC_20151211T153317_R021_V20151211T084342_20151211T084342.SAFE**:
To create a representative spatial dataset, downloaded images cover a high variety of regions from all over the world.
### 2. Data Classification
By means of different spectral tools, granule pixels are selected and classified into one of the following six classes:
- cloud
- cirrus
- snow
- water
- clear-sky
Our dataset consist of a total of N=5647725 pixels. Pixel information is saved into different tables.
- **classes**: 1xN table including the class id to which each pixel in the dataset is associated
- **class_ids** describes the ID associated to each class in **class_names**
- **spectra**: 13xN table with the spectral values of each pixel. Sentinel-2 instrument samples 13 spectral bands.
- metadata can be accessed in group *metadata*
- Sentinel-2 band information under *bands info*
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