Enhancement/adapt sicor dev

Daniel Scheffler requested to merge enhancement/adapt_sicor_dev into master
  • Adapted code to latest changes in SICOR dev branch.
  • Moved sicor download from build_enpt_testsuite_image.sh to new before_script.sh and adjusted 'make gitlab_CI_docker' accordingly.
  • Fixed wrong package name in environment_enpt.yml.
  • Added sicor as conda environment to environment_enpt.yml which also makes before_script.sh obsolete.
  • Coverage files are now completely deleted by running 'make clean-test'.
  • Implemented new methods to transform raster arrays between sensor and map geometry.
  • VNIR_SWIR_SensorGeometryTransformer now also allows to transform entire 3D data arrays.
  • Added test_images_sensorgeo.py
  • Removed deprecated config options 'enable_ice_retrieval' and 'auto_download_ecmwf'.

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