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New features / improvements:

  • Added a lot of software tests
  • Added output writer for EnMAP Level-2 data
  • Added metadata class for EnMAP Level-2 data
  • Revised dead pixel correction (now 40-50 times faster; added spatial interpolation)
  • Added support for dead pixel correction based on 3D dead pixel maps
  • Added orthorectification module
  • Added support for 3D (band-wise) geometry layers
  • Added 3D geolayer generation based on band-wise RPC coefficients.
  • Updated L1B reader to match DLR L1B format
  • Added subsets of official DLR test data
  • Improved DEM processor (added overlap and geographic datum check)

The current version provides a working processing chain from L1B to L2A for the official DLR L1B data.

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