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      Bring latest styles (#645) · b056943b
      François Michonneau authored
      * links.md: lesson-specific links
      * .travis.yml: use Python 3.7
      Signed-off-by: default avatarMaxim Belkin <maxim.belkin@gmail.com>
      * links.md: sync with downstream (lesson-example)
      * lesson_check.py: require _config.yml too
      * knit_lessons.sh: require 2 inputs exactly
      * update link for coc reporting
      * Clarify wording of PR & issue templates
      I see lots of contributions where none of this placeholder text has
      been deleted, but also quite a lot where the first line has been deleted,
      but the 'ext below' hasn't (exactly in accordance with the current
      * lesson_check.py: remove _config.yml from the list of required files
      Pull Request: carpentries/styles#388
      * Colorize all boxes
      Use the same colors but apply 12.5% opacity.
      Solution boxes use 30% opacity
      * Improve contrast of code elements
      * Prefix code blocks with language names
      Also, improve contrast of comments
      Signed-off-by: default avatarMaxim Belkin <maxim.belkin@gmail.com>
      * Fix contrast of links in challenge blocks
      * reference to the webpage of the lesson + goodfirst
      This contribution adds reference to the web page of the lesson in the Carpentries and makes it easier for visitors who want to contribute to get familiar with the good first issue badge.
      This adds a list of current maintainers to the README.md.
      * gold colour to badge
      gold looks more like the yellow from the original badge
      * add 'FIXME' so they will be picked up by checks
      * use xenial on travis
      * bin/lesson_check.py: avoid inconsistent grammar
      Pull Request: carpentries/styles#396
      * util.py: hot fix for YAML loader
      * add data-checker-ignore attributes to links that only work on GitHub
      * add data-checker-ignore attributes to footer links
      * make title show episode title first
      * use ndash as separator
      display it only if both `page.title` and `site.title` are defined.
      * upgrade to bootstrap 3.4.1
      * update coc incident reporting link
      * Update ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md
      * links.md: fix lesson-setup link
      * links.md: include base_path.html
      * aio.md: multiple improvements
      Pull Request: carpentries/styles#406
      * change all-in-one file to have the same 'depth' as episode files
      * move the core script of aio.md into _includes/aio-script.md
      * include comment to inform maintainers to not edit the file
      * move aio.md to the root of styles repository
      * [fix #408] remove aio from files that need to be initialized
      * lesson-check: exclude aio.md, fix read_references
      * bump jekyll version to match github pages version
      * Callout (and other) blocks: proper font size, margins
      * Use darker purple for code blocks
      * Use 1px borders: fix Google Chrome & Edge
      See https://github.com/swcarpentry/git-novice/pull/662#issuecomment-499555724
      * specify language based on engine
      - fix swcarpentry/r-novice-inflammation#436
      * Ignore Jekyll 4's cache
      See https://jekyllrb.com/news/2019/08/20/jekyll-4-0-0-released/#cache-all-the-things- & https://github.com/jekyll/jekyll/releases/tag/v4.0.0
      It appears during `make site` & `make serve`.
      * assets/css/lesson.scss: add proper padding to the top of paragraphs in blockquotes (#425)
      * restore lost CSS settings
      * Manual ordering of episodes and extras
      Co-authored-by: default avatarstamper <tbyhdgs@gmail.com>
      * [fix carpentries/workshop-template#513] remove site.title outside
      * update survey links
      * Switch to Liquid comments
      HTML comments end up in the generated HTML pages: they're not displayed by the browsers but they're still present there. Liquid comments do not end up in the generated HTML pages
      * bin/boilerplate/README.md: fix typo
      * Use Jekyll to generate the 'all-in-one' page (carpentries/styles#438)
      * manual_episode_order.html: fix typo in a comment
      * Enable 'Sponsor' button on GitHub repos
      * remove Jekyll command markers from comment block
      fix carpentries/lesson-example#281
      * Forced re-encoding of text to UTF-8, to avoid issues on Windows
      * Refactored paths to make use of OS agnostic methods
      * Modified shebang to use python, not python3.
      * Reverted change of permissiveness on lesson_check
      * Cleaned leftover debug code and old implementations.
      * Added PYTHON variable to define executable to run python scripts
      * Reverted variable names
      * Removed shebang lines from Python scripts to avoid cross-OS problems
      * Fixes encoding problem on Windows systems, with minimal changes to existing code.
      * Silenced output of PYTHON calls
      * Makefile: detect Python 3
      * util.py: remove empty line
      * Undo optimizations to read_all_markdown
      These will be submitted in a separate PR
      * Remove executable bits from Python scripts
      We can't use a single shebang:
      * on some platforms `python` may mean Python 2, on others - Python 3
      * on some platforms `python3` does not exist at all
      Therefore, we're removing the shebangs altogether.
      * lesson_initialize: windows compatibility
      * lesson_check.py: Windows-compatible regular expression pattern
      * repo_check.py: enforce utf-8 encoding
      ... for compatibility with Windows
      * clarify comment on python check block
      * Makefile: Windows does not like single quotes
      * test_lesson_check.py: skip unnecessary steps
      * Makefile: suppress error message on Windows
      * fix typo in lesson_initialize.py
      * Makefile: suppress another error message on Windows
      These '2>/dev/null' are important on Windows because without them
      a mere `make` stalls.
      * Makefile: handle MS Store's Python 3
      * Makefile: fix syntax in conditional
      * Makefile: fix two more syntax errors in conditionals
      * fix urls in _config.yml
      * use bundler to render lessons
      * install gems locally
      * refactor use of docker
      Co-authored-by: default avatarAllen Lee <allen.lee@asu.edu>
      * add @maxim-belkin suggestions
      * add .bundle to .gitignore
      * Makefile: Specify shell. Don't include commands.mk
      * Makefile: use Python to execute repo_check.py
      * Makefile: improve commands target and commands categories (#450)
      * Makefile: improve commands target and commands categories
      * replace 'files' with 'website'
      * Update R install in .travis.yml (#430)
      * Update R install in .travis.yml
      See https://cran.r-project.org/bin/linux/ubuntu/README.html
      * update .travis.yml
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      update Git BASH install instructions for 2.23.0 (#627) · 90f62e27
      Kelsey E Gonzalez authored
      * Update incorrect Bash instructions and clarify
      Either 3 items need to be selected, in which case the verbiage “Leave all three items selected” is wrong, as only 2 items are selected by default. Or all three items would need to be selected, requiring to change the verbiage to “Ensure that all three items are selected and click on “Next”.” I think however, that only the two items are required as that’s what worked in the past.
      * wrap long line make spelling consistent
      * Update setup.html
      * fix git version number
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