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  8. 27 Jan, 2015 2 commits
    • Greg Wilson's avatar
      Renaming `_config.yml` values and using them in web pages. · ba27e2a0
      Greg Wilson authored
      1.  Changed `lesson_repo` and `lesson_site` to `workshop_repo` and `workshop_site` in `_config.yml`.
      2.  Updated `_includes/footer.html` to match.
      3.  Updated docs in `README.md` to match.
      Rationale is that this is the workshop repo, not a lesson repo, so we shouldn't use `lesson_` as a prefix for variables.
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      Initial commit · 39923436
      Greg Wilson authored
  9. 24 Jan, 2015 1 commit
    • W. Trevor King's avatar
      Revert "Merge pull request #143 from gvwilson/tell-people-to-change-default-branch" · aefe7db4
      W. Trevor King authored
      This reverts commit fa77a5ac, reversing
      changes made to 5843bc4d.
      On Fri, Jan 23, 2015 at 04:30:14AM -0800, Matt Burke (GitHub Staff) wrote:
      > The importer was supposed to be setting the HEAD ref.  There was a
      > race condition that prevented it from doing so in some cases.  I
      > just pushed out an update that should fix this issue.  Please let me
      > know if it's still not working.
      So the issue we were working around with #143 should be fixed now.
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  12. 20 Jan, 2015 1 commit
    • Greg Wilson's avatar
      Updating setup instructions to reflect use of GitHub Import. · 65ab604f
      Greg Wilson authored
      1.  Modify README.md and other files to reflect use of GitHub Import.
      2.  Modified URLs for shared files in `_include` files to get the right images and CSS.
      This turned up #137: the CSS files for the workshop template, the main
      website, and the lesson repository are all out of step and need to be
      synchronized.  Once that is done, the URLs in the
      `_includes/header.html` file should be updated
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  18. 30 Nov, 2014 1 commit
    • Raniere Silva's avatar
      Add information to preview Eventbrite widget · de74a4a1
      Raniere Silva authored
      We should avoid mixing HTTP and HTTPS. For accomplish this we
      are using `//` at the start of the links at the homepage so that
      the same protocol is used. For that reason to preview/test the
      links you need to launch a HTTP server.
      Thanks to @aaren for reviews and comments.
  19. 28 Nov, 2014 1 commit
    • James Allen's avatar
      Include explicit `git push --set-upstream` instruction · 659392d2
      James Allen authored
      When following the instructions, I tried to run `git push` to push my changes, but the local `gh-pages` branch was still tracking the upstream branch, rather the branch in the `origin` remote repository where I wanted it to go. This adds an explicit example to make sure you try to push to your own repo.
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    • Greg Wilson's avatar
      Removing warnings · 24de6c42
      Greg Wilson authored
    • Matt Davis's avatar
      Change manual setup instructions · 69c137ad
      Matt Davis authored
      The old instructions would fail on older versions of Git.
      No one has complained about the Git commands in the create
      script yet, though, so this updates the manual instructions
      to more or less follow the exact same steps done by the
      create script, including the same Git commands.
      Now, instead of creating and cloning an empty repo, users
      are instructed to create a new repo, but clone the workshop-template
      repo and add their new repo as a remote.
    • Tracy Teal's avatar
      Need / in step 4 of manual installation · d0ab35ec
      Tracy Teal authored
      Changed URL in step 4 of the manual installation section so it works