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AMY's form for self-organized workshops

Close #330.
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......@@ -12,10 +12,12 @@ template for creating websites for workshops.
[automatically published as a website by GitHub][github-project-pages].
3. Once you are done,
please **send your repository's URL to the [Software Carpentry administrator][contact]**.
please access [AMY's self-organized workshop form][self-organized-workshop-form],
fill it and Software Carpentry administrator will contact you back
if need any extra information.
We build the list of workshops on our websites from the data included in your `index.html` page.
We can only do that if you [customize][customization] that page correctly
*and* send us a link to your workshop website.
*and* [fill the form][self-organized-workshop-form].
If you run into problems,
or have ideas about how to make this process simpler,
......@@ -228,11 +230,12 @@ or [mail us][contact].
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