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Checking that internally-defined links resolve.

An internally-defined Markdown link has the form [xxx][yyy].  If the
ID 'yyy' doesn't resolve, the text is left as-is, so we check for
that, then subtract those that reference configuration values using
'{{'.  It's a hack, but it'll catch at least a few things.
parent 9be4b229
......@@ -47,6 +47,9 @@ P_TRAILING_WHITESPACE = re.compile(r'\s+$')
# Pattern to match figure references in HTML.
P_FIGURE_REFS = re.compile(r'<img[^>]+src="([^"]+)"[^>]*>')
# Pattern to match internally-defined Markdown links.
P_INTERNALLY_DEFINED_LINK = re.compile(r'\[[^\]]+\]\[[^\]]+\]')
# What kinds of blockquotes are allowed?
......@@ -274,6 +277,7 @@ class CheckBase(object):
def check_metadata(self):
......@@ -331,6 +335,26 @@ class CheckBase(object):
def check_defined_link_references(self):
"""Check that defined links resolve in the file.
Internally-defined links match the pattern [text][label]. If
the label contains '{{...}}', it is hopefully a references to
a configuration value - we should check that, but don't right
result = set()
for node in self.find_all(self.doc, {'type' : 'text'}):
for match in P_INTERNALLY_DEFINED_LINK.findall(node['value']):
if '{{' not in match:
self.reporter.check(not result,
'Internally-defined links may be missing definitions: {0}',
', '.join(sorted(result)))
def find_all(self, node, pattern, accum=None):
"""Find all matches for a pattern."""
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