Commit 7de434dd authored by Simon Waldman's avatar Simon Waldman Committed by François Michonneau
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...and another missing tag.

Sorry for the tiny commits!
parent ed03f551
......@@ -374,7 +374,7 @@ please preview your site before committing, and make sure to run
{% comment %} Configuring extra options {% endcomment %}
<li>Leave all three items selected, and click on "Next".</li>
{% comment %} Configuring experimental options {% endcomment %}
<li>Do not select the experimental option. Click "Install".
<li>Do not select the experimental option. Click "Install".</li>
{% comment %} Installing {% endcomment %}
{% comment %} Completing the Git Setup Wizard {% endcomment %}
<li>Click on "Finish".</li>
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