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Title case for all lessons/episodes in LC syllabus

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<h3 id="syllabus-data">Introduction to Data</h3>
<li>Intro to data</li>
<li>Jargon busting</li>
<li>Keyboard shortcuts</li>
<li>Plain text formats</li>
<li>Naming files</li>
<li>Regular expressions</li>
<li>Intro to Data</li>
<li>Jargon Busting</li>
<li>Keyboard Shortcuts</li>
<li>Plain Text Formats</li>
<li>Naming Files</li>
<li>Regular Expressions</li>
<li><a href="">Reference...</a></li>
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<h3 id="syllabus-shell">The Unix Shell</h3>
<li>Files and directories</li>
<li>History and tab completion</li>
<li>Counting and sorting contents in files</li>
<li>Pipes and redirection</li>
<li>Mining or searching in files</li>
<li>Files and Directories</li>
<li>History and Tab Completion</li>
<li>Counting and Sorting Contents in Files</li>
<li>Pipes and Redirection</li>
<li>Mining or Searching in Files</li>
<li><a href="">Reference...</a></li>
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<h3 id="syllabus-git">Version Control with Git</h3>
<li>Creating a repository</li>
<li>Configuring git</li>
<li>Recording changes to files: <code>add</code>, <code>commit</code>, ...</li>
<li>Viewing state changes with <code>status</code></li>
<li>Working on the web: <code>clone</code>, <code>pull</code>, <code>push</code>, ...</li>
<li>Where to host work, and why</li>
<li>Configuring Git</li>
<li>Recording Changes to Files: <code>add</code>, <code>commit</code>, ...</li>
<li>Viewing State Changes with <code>status</code></li>
<li>Working on the Web: <code>clone</code>, <code>pull</code>, <code>push</code>, ...</li>
<li>Where to Host Work, and Why</li>
<li><a href="">Reference...</a></li>
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<h3 id="syllabus-openrefine">OpenRefine</h3>
<li>Introduction to OpenRefine</li>
<li>Importing data</li>
<li>Basic functions</li>
<li>Importing Data</li>
<li>Basic Functions</li>
<li>Advanced Functions</li>
<li><a href="">Reference...</a></li>
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