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### Session AM2 Shell
- path variables
- .bashrc (important for conda)
### Session PM1 GIT
- git add -i (to use later)
### Session PM2 Python Intro (basic overview) (Sebastian)
- python
- anaconda+conda+jupyter+history(+dependencies)
- notebooks vs. interpreter vs. scripts (sehr kurz)
- object types (string, number, boolean, complex, etc) and operators
- data structures (tuples, lists, dicts, nparrays, panda.df, etc)
- data structures (tuples, lists, dicts, nparrays, pandas.Dataframe, etc)
- list comprehensions
- provided functions + methods, attributes
- (where/how to find help / documentation)
- control flow: loops + conditionals
- (code indentation)
- numpy
- (io, for example simply iterating over a csv we will use later)
- read file, simple plot (or in session PM2)
### What is missing?
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## DAY 2 AM
### Session AM1 Python (structuring code, defensive programming, using prepared ts files) (Frank)
### Session AM1 Python (structuring code, numpy, using prepared ts files) (Frank)
- write function + module
- put under version control
- documentation
- write script + call from bash
- traceback, errors
- numpy
- %timeit and numba
- put under version control
- numpy
- simple ploting (read from csv we used earlier)
- %timeit and numba (mention more detailed profiling tools)
not covered: closures, argpars, numba
not covered: closures, functional stuff
### Session AM2: (Tim, Marius)
### Session AM2: defensive programming, errors, commandline integration (Tim, Marius)
- simple test (assert)
- tests (assert)
- traceback, errors (%debug magic maybe?)
- write script + call from bash (leading to final project, commit the finished scripts)
- debugging (non interactive)
## DAY 2 PM
### Session PM1: Time series, functions, plotting (Robert)
### Session PM1: Time series, functions, plotting (Robert/Benoit?)
- reading + understanding documentation of functions
Global temperature average development 1750-2010
- pandas basics ("numpy with index and labels")
- download file (optional: call shell with wget from python/R)
- read, process
- moving average
- plot with uncertainty band
- write function (exercise!)
- Big question, what aspects of our previous work can we use here? Celsius to Fahrenheit function for example.
### Session PM2: Git in practice (optional if we ran out of time)
- Joachim zeigt higher dimensional (spatial) data, advanced plotting + cartography (tool showcase)
- read netcdf file
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