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pymagglobal serves the purpose of replacing some Fortran scripts, which are used in the geomagnetism community to evaluate global field models.
It works for files given in a format which was first used by the gufm model and than established in the community. It is described [here]( By default, pymagglobal includes several models. Use
It can be applied to all cubic-spline based geomagnetic field models stored in the same file format as gufm1 or the CALSxk model series. However, care has to be taken that two header lines of the model files are formatted correctly and the list of spline knot point epochs starts only in line 3. The first header line has to contain start and end epoch of the model as the first two numbers, any further information in that line is ignored. The second header line has to start with three integers, which are the maximum spherical harmonic degree, a dummy that actually is not used, and the number of splines.
By default, pymagglobal includes several models. Use
$ pymagglobal --list-models
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