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Installation Installation
============ ============
Nothing here yet. pymagglobal is distributed via the PyPI registry of the corresponding repository. It can be installed using
.. code-block:: bash
$ pip3 install pymagglobal --extra-index-url
pymagglobal depends on
* `numpy <>`_
* `scipy <>`_
* `matplotlib <>`_
* `cartopy <>`_
* `PyQt5 <>`_
Depending on your setup, the latter two may require additional work to install.
The most fluent way to install pymagglobal is to first `install cartopy <>`_ and `PyQt5 <>`__ and then run the pip command given above.
In general you should follow the installation instructions given on the respective package homepages.
Below we illuminate some ways to install the dependencies, that we pursued during troubleshooting.
If you run into problems during installing pymagglobal, do not hesitate to `contact us <>`_.
Please try to install the dependencies beforehand.
Since `conda <>`_ version 4.6, conda and pip get along well. So you can also run `pip3 install ...` from inside your conda environment. The dependencies come via
.. code-block:: bash
conda install cartopy pyqt5
First you have to install python and pip:
.. code-block:: bash
apt-get install python3-dev python3-pip
The debian-packages necessary to install cartopy can be installed via
.. code-block:: bash
apt-get install libproj-dev libgeos-dev proj-bin
Afterwards cartopy will be installed alongside pymagglobal, if you run the pip command from above.
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