Commit d602ded7 authored by Maximilian Schanner's avatar Maximilian Schanner
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Messed up the bounds in equi_sph, now fixed

parent e7aeaa03
......@@ -147,8 +147,10 @@ def location(posterior, mu_dips, cov_dips, n_points=10000,
dens : array-like
The dipole location pdf, evaluated at the gridpoints
# set up grid to evaluate on
theta, phi = zip(*equi_sph(n_points, bounds=bounds))
# set up grid to evaluate on
(ti, tf), (pi, pf) = bounds
theta, phi = zip(*equi_sph(n_points, ti, tf, pi, pf))
phi = np.asarray(phi)
theta = np.pi/2. - np.asarray(theta)
# allocate array for the density
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