Commit ad95d312 authored by Daniel Eggert's avatar Daniel Eggert
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switched to alternative rpb_mdl.R and fixed string concatenation error

parent 57404ee9
......@@ -366,7 +366,7 @@ def checkfiles(list_of_paths,verbose=False): # Checks if file paths in the list
out=[ os.path.exists(name) for name in list_of_paths ]
return out
def RConnect(self,load_file='rpb.R',autobind=['restore_session'],load_session='',load_later_data=[]):
def RConnect(self,load_file='rpb_mdl.R',autobind=['restore_session'],load_session='',load_later_data=[]):
# Connect R session to the caller instance
import rpy2.robjects as r #,numpy as np
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