Commit 66e90fa0 authored by Achim Morschhauser's avatar Achim Morschhauser
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Triggered Timestamps

parent 02d513ed
......@@ -304,7 +304,8 @@ int driver_obs_obsdaq::run(double freq) {
// TODO Check if N gets to large (no trigger signal received)
recv_time.tv_nsec = (__syscall_slong_t) 156.25*1e6+N*250*1e6;
fprintf(stderr,"%3.0f ",round(recv_time.tv_nsec/1e6 - (156.25 + N*250)));
recv_time.tv_nsec = (__syscall_slong_t) (156.25+N*250)*1e6;
// Write measurement to buffer
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