Commit 37aa4cd9 authored by Achim Morschhauser's avatar Achim Morschhauser
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Add option for 128 Hz data output

parent 08ba433a
......@@ -80,10 +80,11 @@ int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
buffer_obs_mult mult = new buffer_obs_mult(new buffer_obs_pipe(5));
// Add file buffer, if file_format is given
if (par.get_str("FILE_RAW")!="") {
std::cerr << "FILE_RAW BUFFER ADDED" << std::endl;
mult.add(new buffer_obs_file(5,par.get_str("DIR_VEC"),
if (par.get_str("FILE_VEC_RAW")!="") {
std::cerr << "FILE_RAW BUFFER ADDED" << std::endl;
mult.add(new buffer_obs_file(par.get_str("FILE_VEC_FORMAT"),
// Initialize the calibration constants for FGE
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