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Update GPU-Cluster Requirements with Hydrology GPU

See merge request ml-gfz/jour_fixes!6
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2.4 | Full waveforms inversion for seismic wave propogation simulation | Single precison GPU with around 20 GB GPU memory | Nvidia driver,conda, hdf5, netcdf
3.6 | Atomistic simulation of (Geo-)materials | DP GPU preferred over SP | Nvidia drv, cuda, Python, MKL | for us at least 192 GB main memory, preferably more. Also, why not consider AMD EPYC instead of xeon? From a price/performance point of view
1.4 | Machine learning for Sentinel-1 SAR data | Double precision GPU with > 10 GB GPU memory | Nvidia driver with cuda, tensorflow, Python | !
4.4 | Inundation modelling | DP GPU |PGI fortran compiler supporting CUDA and OpenACC,PGI debugger, Visual PGI profiler |In case, we want to get PGI to work as an MPI compiler, the MPI library needs to be re-compiled with PGI.|!
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