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# Current Situation
## Hardware Stack
Currently planned node-configuration:
- 2x Intel Xeon 6230 CPU
- 192 GB RAM
- 8 GPUs
We are currently looking into two possible GPU configurations:
- 80% SP / 20% DP GPUs (72x RTX 2080Ti / 16x V100)
- 60% SP / 40% DP GPUs (48x RTX 2080Ti / 24x V100)
## Software Stack
Currently planned:
- Scientific Linux 7 (to ensure compatibility with the existing CPU-Cluster)
- In the long future we are looking to migrate to CentOS since the support for SL7 got discontinued.
# Additional Information
Difference between SingePrecision and DoublePrecision:
[simple explanation](
Desktop GPUs like the RTX2080 are SingePrecision cards, where professional ones like the V100 are DoublePrecision ones.
# Requirements
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