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2.4 | Deep learning for fast magnitude estimation of earthquakes | Single precision GPU with > 10 GB GPU memory, at least 200 GB main memory, 8 CPU cores | up to date nvidia driver, the rest works fine with conda (cuda, tensorflow, pytorch) | I fear that 2 CPUs for 8 GPUs might be to less. The machine I'm currently running on has two Xeon Gold 5122 and four RTX 2080 Ti and is CPU bound.
2.8 | Deep learning with solar images | Single precision GPU with > 20 GB GPU memory (RTX Titan not 2080Ti) | Nvidia driver. Module loads for standard python software, Virtualenv. Horovod required for multi node computations | I suggest 4 GPUs per node not 8.
1.3 | Machine learning for numerical modelling, data assimilation and data inversion | Double precision GPU with > 10 GB GPU memory (e.g., V100) | Nvidia driver, cuda, Python, R, Tensorflow and Keras libs, NetCDF support (+ ncview), Climate Data Operators (CDO), tmux | --
2.4 | Full waveforms inversion for seismic wave propogation simulation | Single precison GPU with around 20 GB GPU memory | Nvidia driver,conda, hdf5, netcdf
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