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**Software Location:** [git](git.gfz-potsdam.de/id2/software/services/fair/software-quality-assurance)
**Last Commit:** 878c2fc5b4792c836ed8d82fec4f4617f60ae6ec
**Last Commit:** 968f640a5663535a457452a5ebc144432fc8486d
**Report Time:** 30/03/2021 07:55:37 UTC
**Report Time:** 30/03/2021 09:49:57 UTC
**Report Version:** 0.6.0
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> **Description: Prints the result of [gitleaks](https://github.com/zricethezav/gitleaks)**
**gitleaks had an error and exited with status code 256.**
**gitleaks had an error.**
**gitleaks log**
Usage: gitleaks [OPTIONS]Application Options: -v, --verbose Show verbose output from scan -q, --quiet Sets log level to error and only output leaks, one json object per line -r, --repo-url= Repository URL -p, --path= Path to directory (repo if contains .git) or file -c, --config-path= Path to config --repo-config-path= Path to gitleaks config relative to repo root --clone-path= Path to clone repo to disk --version Version number --username= Username for git repo --password= Password for git repo --access-token= Access token for git repo --threads= Maximum number of threads gitleaks spawns --ssh-key= Path to ssh key used for auth --unstaged Run gitleaks on unstaged code --branch= Branch to scan --redact Redact secrets from log messages and leaks --debug Log debug messages --no-git Treat git repos as plain directories and scan those files --leaks-exit-code= Exit code when leaks have been encountered (default: 1) --append-repo-config Append the provided or default config with the repo config. --additional-config= Path to an additional gitleaks config to append with an existing config. Can be used with --append-repo-config to append up to three configurations -o, --report= Report output path -f, --format= JSON, CSV, SARIF (default: json) --files-at-commit= Sha of commit to scan all files at commit --commit= Sha of commit to scan or "latest" to scan the last commit of the repository --commits= Comma separated list of a commits to scan --commits-file= Path to file of line separated list of commits to scan --commit-from= Commit to start scan from --commit-to= Commit to stop scan --commit-since= Scan commits more recent than a specific date. Ex: '2006-01-02' or '2006-01-02T15:04:05-0700' format. --commit-until= Scan commits older than a specific date. Ex: '2006-01-02' or '2006-01-02T15:04:05-0700' format. --depth= Number of commits to scanHelp Options: -h, --help Show this help message
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