Commit 1e517f33 authored by Marius Kriegerowski's avatar Marius Kriegerowski
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ifc: `use_fft` flag to use fft correlation

parent b3bb2e54
......@@ -340,6 +340,11 @@ class TemplateMatchingIFC(IFC):
help='If set, downsample to this sampling rate before processing [Hz]')
use_fft = Bool.T(
help='If set, correlate traces in the spectral domain')
def get_tpad(self):
tmin_masters = min(tr.tmin for tr in self.masters.values())
tmax_masters = max(tr.tmax for tr in self.masters.values())
......@@ -449,7 +454,8 @@ class TemplateMatchingIFC(IFC):
normalization = None
c = trace.correlate(
a, b, mode='valid', normalization=normalization)
a, b, mode='valid', normalization=normalization,
c.shift(-c.tmin + b.tmin - (a.tmin - tref))
c.meta = {'tabu': True}
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