Commit bbcc64f0 authored by Marius Isken's avatar Marius Isken
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Fixing waveform plots for joint

parent 85ded1f3
......@@ -919,6 +919,7 @@ def plot_spectrum(
def plot_dtrace_vline(axes, t, space, **kwargs):
axes.plot([t, t], [-1.0 - space, -1.0], **kwargs)
def draw_fits_figures_statics(ds, model, plt):
from matplotlib import ticker
from pyrocko.orthodrome import latlon_to_ne_numpy
......@@ -1006,11 +1007,11 @@ def draw_fits_figures(ds, model, plt):
problem = model.problem
for target in problem.targets:
for target in problem.waveform_targets:
target_index = dict(
(target, i) for (i, target) in enumerate(problem.targets))
(target, i) for (i, target) in enumerate(problem.waveform_targets))
gms = problem.global_misfits(model.misfits)
isort = num.argsort(gms)
......@@ -1034,7 +1035,7 @@ def draw_fits_figures(ds, model, plt):
ms, ns, results = problem.evaluate(xbest, result_mode='full')
dtraces = []
for target, result in zip(problem.targets, results):
for target, result in zip(problem.waveform_targets, results):
if isinstance(result, gf.SeismosizerError):
......@@ -1121,7 +1122,7 @@ def draw_fits_figures(ds, model, plt):
tr.ydata /= max(abs(dmin), abs(dmax))
cg_to_targets = gather(
lambda t: (t.super_group,,[3]),
filter=lambda t: t in target_to_result)
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