Commit ade8e28f authored by Sebastian Heimann's avatar Sebastian Heimann
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Merge branch 'master' of gitext:heimann/grond

parents 5ea4529b 37a7de79
......@@ -610,9 +610,9 @@ def command_export(args):
def setup(parser):
'--type', dest='type', metavar='TYPE',
choices=('event', 'source', 'vector'),
choices=('event', 'event-yaml', 'source', 'vector'),
help='select type of objects to be exported. Choices: '
'"event" (default), "source", "vector".')
'"event" (default), "event-yaml", "source", "vector".')
'--parameters', dest='parameters', metavar='PLIST',
......@@ -801,6 +801,10 @@ def export(what, rundirs, type=None, pnames=None, filename=None):
ev = problem.get_source(x).pyrocko_event()
model.dump_events([ev], stream=out)
elif type == 'event-yaml':
ev = problem.get_source(x).pyrocko_event()
guts.dump_all([ev], stream=out)
raise GrondError('invalid argument: type=%s' % repr(type))
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