Commit a3362bf6 authored by Sebastian Heimann's avatar Sebastian Heimann
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black/white-listing: can now select raw and processed channel codes

parent 6791ba73
......@@ -727,8 +727,15 @@ class DatasetConfig(HasPaths):
apply_correction_factors = Bool.T(default=True)
apply_correction_delays = Bool.T(default=True)
picks_paths = List.T(Path.T())
blacklist = List.T(String.T())
whitelist = List.T(String.T(), optional=True)
blacklist = List.T(
help='stations/components to be excluded according to their STA, '
whitelist = List.T(String.T(), optional=True,
help='if not None, list of stations/components to included according '
'to their STA, NET.STA, NET.STA.LOC, or NET.STA.LOC.CHA codes. '
'Note: ''when whitelisting on channel level, both, the raw and '
'the processed channel codes have to be listed.')
synthetic_test = SyntheticTest.T(optional=True)
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
......@@ -400,6 +400,14 @@ class Dataset(object):
nslc = station.nsl() + (channel,)
if self.is_blacklisted(nslc):
raise NotFound(
'waveform is blacklisted', nslc)
if not self.is_whitelisted(nslc):
raise NotFound(
'waveform is not on whitelist', nslc)
if tmin is not None:
tmin = float(tmin)
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