Commit 7ce58940 authored by Sebastian Heimann's avatar Sebastian Heimann
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remove old plot files before plotting

parent 3fb3edbf
import math
import re
import random
import logging
import os
import os.path as op
import numpy as num
from scipy import signal
......@@ -1418,6 +1420,19 @@ plot_dispatch = {
def save_figs(figs, plot_dirname, plotname, formats, dpi):
for fmt in formats:
if fmt not in ['pdf', 'png']:
raise core.GrondError('unavailable output format: %s' % fmt)
assert re.match(r'^[a-z_]+$', plotname)
# remove files from previous runs
pat = re.compile(r'^%s-[0-9]+\.(%s)$' % (plotname, '|'.join(formats)))
if op.exists(plot_dirname):
for entry in os.listdir(plot_dirname):
if pat.match(entry):
os.unlink(op.join(plot_dirname, entry))
fns = []
for ifig, fig in enumerate(figs):
for format in formats:
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