Commit 5d80a362 authored by Sebastian Heimann's avatar Sebastian Heimann
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plot fits: changed trace scaling mode

was: common scale in each supergroup
now: common scale in each (supergroup, group)
parent 3e2d4875
......@@ -971,35 +971,35 @@ def draw_fits_figures(ds, model, plt):
target_to_result[target] = result
dtrace.meta = dict(super_group=target.super_group)
dtrace.meta = dict(super_group=target.super_group,
result.processed_syn.meta = dict(super_group=target.super_group)
result.processed_syn.meta = dict(
if result.spectrum_syn:
result.spectrum_syn.meta = dict(super_group=target.super_group)
result.spectrum_syn.meta = dict(
if not all_syn_trs:
logger.warn('no traces to show')
trace_minmaxs = trace.minmax(
lambda tr: tr.meta['super_group'])
skey = lambda tr: (tr.meta['super_group'], tr.meta['group'])
trace_minmaxs = trace.minmax(all_syn_trs, skey)
amp_spec_maxs = amp_spec_max(
lambda spec_tr: spec_tr.meta['super_group'])
amp_spec_maxs = amp_spec_max(all_syn_specs, skey)
dminmaxs = trace.minmax(
[x for x in dtraces if x is not None],
lambda tr: tr.meta['super_group'])
dminmaxs = trace.minmax([x for x in dtraces if x is not None], skey)
for tr in dtraces:
if tr:
dmin, dmax = dminmaxs[tr.meta['super_group']]
dmin, dmax = dminmaxs[skey(tr)]
tr.ydata /= max(abs(dmin), abs(dmax))
cg_to_targets = gather(
......@@ -1090,7 +1090,7 @@ def draw_fits_figures(ds, model, plt):
target = frame_to_target[iy, ix]
amin, amax = trace_minmaxs[target.super_group]
amin, amax = trace_minmaxs[target.super_group,]
absmax = max(abs(amin), abs(amax))
ny_this = min(ny, nymax)
......@@ -1150,7 +1150,7 @@ def draw_fits_figures(ds, model, plt):
elif target.misfit_config.domain == 'frequency_domain':
asmax = amp_spec_maxs[target.super_group]
asmax = amp_spec_maxs[target.super_group,]
fmin, fmax = target.misfit_config.get_full_frequency_range()
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