Commit 25d9b03c authored by Marius Isken's avatar Marius Isken
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Added logger.debug messages to 'Dataset.add_*' methods

parent 0b2f53ec
......@@ -80,10 +80,14 @@ class Dataset(object):
self.stations[station.nsl()] = station
if pyrocko_stations_filename is not None:
logger.debug('Loading stations from file %s'
% pyrocko_stations_filename)
for station in model.load_stations(pyrocko_stations_filename):
self.stations[station.nsl()] = station
if stationxml_filenames is not None:
if stationxml_filenames is not None and len(stationxml_filenames) > 0:
logger.debug('Loading stations from StationXML file %s'
% stationxml_filenames)
for stationxml_filename in stationxml_filenames:
sx = fs.load_xml(filename=stationxml_filename)
for station in sx.get_pyrocko_stations():
......@@ -94,10 +98,12 @@ class Dataset(object):
if filename is not None:
logger.debug('Loading events from file %s' % filename)
def add_waveforms(self, paths, regex=None, fileformat='detect',
logger.debug('Loading waveform data from %s' % paths)
cachedirname = config.config().cache_dir
fns = util.select_files(paths, regex=regex,
......@@ -107,6 +113,8 @@ class Dataset(object):
def add_responses(self, sacpz_dirname=None, stationxml_filenames=None):
if sacpz_dirname or stationxml_filenames:
logger.debug('Loading responses from %s' % paths)
if sacpz_dirname:
for x in enhanced_sacpz.iload_dirname(sacpz_dirname):
......@@ -139,12 +147,14 @@ class Dataset(object):
self.clippings[k] = num.concatenate(self.clippings, atimes)
def add_blacklist(self, blacklist):
logger.debug('Loading blacklisted stations')
for x in blacklist:
if isinstance(x, basestring):
x = tuple(x.split('.'))
def add_whitelist(self, whitelist):
logger.debug('Loading whitelisted stations')
if self.whitelist_nslc is None:
self.whitelist_nslc = set()
self.whitelist_nsl = set()
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