Commit fdf73db2 authored by Romulo Pereira Goncalves's avatar Romulo Pereira Goncalves
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Remove sudo

parent a290cbd4
......@@ -10,10 +10,10 @@ container_name="hasa"
#Check if image exists
if [ $(sudo docker images | grep ${runner_iname} | wc -l) == 0 ]
if [ $(docker images | grep ${runner_iname} | wc -l) == 0 ]
# build docker image
sudo docker build --network=host -f ${context_dir}/${dockerfile} -m 20G -t ${runner_tag} ${context_dir}
docker build --network=host -f ${context_dir}/${dockerfile} -m 20G -t ${runner_tag} ${context_dir}
echo "It already exists a Docker image with the name ${runner_tag}!!!"
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