Commit 99f173d1 authored by Romulo Pereira Goncalves's avatar Romulo Pereira Goncalves
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Remove sudo

parent fdf73db2
......@@ -50,12 +50,12 @@ demo_data_foler="$(realpath ../demo/)"
sudo docker rm -f ${container_name}
docker rm -f ${container_name}
echo "Starting HaSa container, please add the input files to ${input_dir_} and read the results from the ${output_dir_}"
if [ "${jupyter_notebook,,}" = "true" ]
sudo docker run -it --name ${container_name} --privileged \
docker run -it --name ${container_name} --privileged \
--oom-kill-disable --memory=12g --memory-swap=14g --net=host \
-p $jupyter_lab_port:$docker_jupyterlab_port \
-v ${input_dir_}:${in_data_folder} \
......@@ -64,7 +64,7 @@ then
-v ${demo_dir}:${demo_data_folder} ${runner_tag} \
bash -i -c "cd /home/hasa; jupyter-lab --ip --no-browser --allow-root demo/"
sudo docker run -it --name ${container_name} -u 1000:1000 --privileged \
docker run -it --name ${container_name} -u 1000:1000 --privileged \
--oom-kill-disable --memory=12g --memory-swap=14g --net=host \
-v ${input_dir_}:${in_data_folder} \
-v ${tmp_dir_}:${tmp_data_folder} \
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