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......@@ -441,6 +441,18 @@ again with the following new argument values:
classNames # out.names
The `out.raster`, `out.reference`, `out.names` R objects are saved to
disk using the `out_raster`, `out_reference`, and `out_names` files
which are located in the output directory defined by the user. To make
these objects available in a new R session the user only needs to load
them before the function call:
``` r
load( file="<path_to_previous_output_directory>/out_raster")
load( file="<path_to_previous_output_directory>/out_reference")
load( file="<path_to_previous_output_directory>/out_names")
## 4.2 Generating classification map and summary statistics
Generate a classification map based on the saved output of the threshold
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