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......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@
#' @param plot_on_browser plot on the browser or inline in a notebook (default TRUE)
#' @return 4 files per step:
#' 1) Habitat type probability map as geocoded *.kml layer and *.tif raster files and *.png image output
#' 1) Habitat type probability map as geocoded *.kmz (with a *.kml layer and *.png image output), and *.tif raster file
#' 2) A Habitat object (only if save_runs is set to TRUE) consisting of 7 slots: \cr
#' run1@models - list of selcted classifiers \cr
#' run1@ref_samples - list of SpatialPointsDataFrames with same length as run1@models holding reference labels [1,2] for each selected model \cr
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