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......@@ -18,6 +18,9 @@ How to use
* You need R to install the **package HaSa** that includes all functions and test data
* devtools::install_github("carstennh/HabitatSampler", subdir="R-package", build_vignettes = TRUE)
* Sometimes there are problems, then do **1.** devtools:: install_version("velox", version = "0.2.0", repos = "")
* For Windows operating systems the `Rtools <>`__ are needed
* library(HaSa) and list datasets: data(package="HaSa") and functions: lsf.str("package:HaSa") or use library(help="HaSa")
* there are information available about programm execution and function behavior in Rmarkdown: `HabitatSampler_Usage <>`__
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