Commit aca92a2b authored by Daniel Scheffler's avatar Daniel Scheffler
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parent 6d0a28a1
......@@ -314,16 +314,16 @@ def get_LayerBandsAssignment(satellite, sensor, subsystem='', no_thermal=False,
specs = get_sensorspecs(satellite, sensor, subsystem)
LBA = specs['LBA']
if sort_by_cwl and 'LBA_sorted' in specs:
if sort_by_cwl and specs['LBA_sorted']:
LBA = specs['LBA_sorted']
if no_thermal and 'thermal' in specs:
if no_thermal and specs['thermal']:
LBA = [i for i in LBA if i not in specs['thermal']]
if no_pan and 'pan' in specs:
if no_pan and specs['pan']:
LBA = [i for i in LBA if i not in specs['pan']]
if after_ac and 'LBA_after_AC' in specs:
if after_ac and specs['LBA_after_AC']:
LBA = [i for i in LBA if i in specs['LBA_after_AC']]
return LBA
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