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Added options_default.json.

Former-commit-id: 1917deeb
Former-commit-id: 2e74e07f
parent daa46810
......@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@ class Job(object):
default: 'INFO')
:param tiling_block_size_XY:
X/Y block size to be used for any tiling process (default: (2048,2048)
:param is_test: whether the curent job represents a test job (run by a test runner) or not
:param is_test: whether the current job represents a software test job (run by a test runner) or not
:param profiling: enable/disable code profiling (default: False)
:param benchmark_global:
......@@ -342,9 +342,9 @@ class Usecase:
self.conversion_type_thermal = query_cfg('conversion_type_thermal')
self.virtual_sensor_id = query_job('virtualsensorid')
self.virtual_sensor_id = self.virtual_sensor_id if self.virtual_sensor_id != -1 else 10 # Sentinel-2A 10m
self.virtual_sensor_name = query_vir('name', self.virtual_sensor_id)
self.datasetid_spatial_ref = query_job('datasetid_spatial_ref')
# self.datasetid_spatial_ref = 104
self.virtual_sensor_name = query_vir('name', self.virtual_sensor_id)
self.datasetid_spectral_ref = query_vir('spectral_characteristics_datasetid', self.virtual_sensor_id)
# FIXME column is empty a known datasetid as spectral characteristics virtual sensor is chosen:
self.target_CWL = query_vir('wavelengths_pos', self.virtual_sensor_id)
......@@ -365,7 +365,7 @@ class Usecase:
self.scale_factor_errors_ac = int(query_cfg('scale_factor_errors_ac'))
self.data_list = self.get_data_list_of_current_jobID()
self.match_gsd = True
# validation
"job": {
"exec_mode": "Python", /*"Python" or "Flink"*/
"db_host": "localhost",
"CPUs": -1, /*number of CPU cores to be used for processing (default: -1 -> use all available)*/
"allow_subMultiprocessing": true, /*allow multiprocessing within workers*/
"disable_exception_handler": false, /*enable/disable automatic handling of unexpected exceptions*/
"log_level": "INFO", /*the logging level to be used (choices: 'DEBUG', 'INFO', 'WARNING', 'ERROR', 'CRITICAL';*/
"tiling_block_size_XY": [
], /*X/Y block size to be used for any tiling process*/
"is_test": false, /*whether the current job represents a software test job (run by a test runner) or not*/
"profiling": false, /*enable/disable code profiling*/
"benchmark_global": false, /*enable/disable benchmark of the whole processing pipeline*/
"bench_cloudMask": false, /*enable/disable benchmark of the of the cloud mask generator module*/
"paths": {
"path_fileserver": "",
"path_archive": "", /*input path where downloaded data are stored*/
"path_procdata_scenes": "", /*output path to store processed scenes*/
"path_procdata_MGRS": "", /*output path to store processed MGRS tiles*/
"path_tempdir": "",
"path_testing": "",
"path_benchmarks": "",
"path_job_logs": "", /*output path to store job log files*/
"path_spatIdxSrv": "",
"path_ac_tables": "",
"path_SNR_models": "",
"path_SRFs": "",
"path_dem_proc_srtm_90m": "",
"path_earthSunDist": "",
"path_solar_irr": "",
"path_cloud_classif": "",
"path_ECMWF_db": ""
"processors": {
"L1A_P": { /*Level 1A processing: Data import and metadata homogenization*/
"run_processor": true,
"write_output": true,
"delete_output": true,
"SZA_SAA_calculation_accurracy": "coarse", /*"coarse" or "fine"*/
"export_VZA_SZA_SAA_RAA_stats": true
"L1B_P": { /*Level 1B processing: calculation of geometric shift*/
"run_processor": true,
"write_output": true,
"delete_output": true,
"skip_coreg": false
"L1C_P": { /*Level 1C processing: atmospheric correction*/
"run_processor": true,
"write_output": true,
"delete_output": true,
"cloud_masking_algorithm": {
"Landsat-4": "FMASK",
"Landsat-5": "FMASK",
"Landsat-7": "FMASK",
"Landsat-8": "FMASK",
"Sentinel-2A": "SICOR",
"Sentinel-2B": "SICOR"
}, /*'FMASK', 'Classical Bayesian', 'SICOR'*/
"export_L1C_obj_dumps": false,
"auto_download_ecmwf": false
"L2A_P": { /*Level 2A processing: geometric homogenization*/
"run_processor": true,
"write_output": true,
"delete_output": true
"L2B_P": { /*Level 2B processing: spectral homogenization*/
"run_processor": true,
"write_output": true,
"delete_output": false
"L2C_P": { /*Level 2C processing: accurracy assessment and MGRS tiling*/
"run_processor": true,
"write_output": true,
"delete_output": false
"usecase": {
"skip_thermal": true,
"skip_pan": true,
"sort_bands_by_cwl": true,
"conversion_type_optical": "BOA_Ref", /*'Rad' / 'TOA_Ref' / 'BOA_Ref'*/
"conversion_type_thermal": "Rad", /*'Rad' / 'Temp'*/
"scale_factor_TOARef": 10000,
"scale_factor_BOARef": 10000,
"scale_factor_errors_ac": 255,
"virtual_sensor_id": -1, /*-1: use WebApp input; 1: Landsat-8, 10: Sentinel-2A 10m*/
"virtual_sensor_name": -1, /*-1: use WebApp input*/
"datasetid_spatial_ref": -1, /*-1: use WebApp input*/
"datasetid_spectral_ref": 249, /*249=Sentinel-2A*/
"target_CWL": [
], /*list of central wavelength positions of target sensor. Empty list means: use WebApp input.*/
"target_FWHM": [
], /*list of band widths of target sensor. Empty list means: use WebApp input.*/
"target_gsd": [
], /*X/Y pixel size of target sensor as list with two float/integer values*/
"target_epsg_code": -1, /*target projection as EPSG code. -1: use projection of input data.*/
"spatial_ref_gridx": [
], /*target sensor x-coordinate-grid. e.g. [15, 45]*/
"spatial_ref_gridy": [
], /*target sensor y-coordinate-grid. e.g. [15, 45]*/
"align_coord_grids": true, /*allows to force deactivation of image resampling*/
"match_gsd": true
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