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Added floorspace calculation rule

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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import logging
from rabotnik.storages.base import StorageBase as RabotnikStorage
from rabotnik import Rule # pylint: disable=import-error
logger = logging.getLogger()
class Floorspace(Rule):
def __init__(self, storage: RabotnikStorage):
"""Calculate floorspace of buildings.
storage: Storage serving building data.
""" = storage
async def evaluate(self, payload: dict) -> tuple:
building_id = payload["building_id"]
async for data in
SELECT ST_Area(ST_Transform(geometry, 4326)) *
CAST(br.tags->'building:levels' AS float)
FROM osm_building_relations AS br
SELECT ST_Area(ST_Transform(geometry, 4326)) *
CAST(bp.tags->'building:levels' AS float)
FROM osm_building_polygons AS bp
WHERE id = {building_id};
yield data
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