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Added criteria for database adjustments

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......@@ -4,6 +4,16 @@ This repository handles the structure and migrations in the `obm_buildings` data
The database is described through sql files in the `migrations/` directory.
## Criteria for database adjustments and build-up
This database is meant to be the core for collaboration and it is essential that it qualifies in terms of quality, functionality and fits into the whole picture.
Please add a small reasoning around the following points for each proposed merge request:
* Must be necessary and have explicit/implemented use (in one of our applications and appliances related to the Global Dynamic Exposure).
* Must be proven to work (according to requirements and direct use).
* Must be scalable to a global level.
* Must be introduced in small steps (one at a time).
## Database tables
#### `obm_buildings` - Main OBM Tiles information
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